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Relive and capture the joy of your favorite beach days with this golden piece of wearable art. Every detail is inspired by the lively shimmer of light across the water and the balanced motion of crashing waves. Your custom creation will be handmade with one-of-a-kind shells, gold-wrapped netting, and jewelry coral.

Waves Crash In

  • - 7.25" H x 2.75" W at base; though designs which include dimensional embellishments such as charms and florals will vary in height and width dimensions.

    - Attached to a stain covered 5mm headband


    A|R Hat designs often include OOAK (One of a Kind), authentic or antique materials, thus materials are subject to availability.  Please expect that your order may be slightly varied from the pictured item. I hope you’ll enjoy the uniqueness of each hat as much as I enjoy creating each design with individuality and care.